1.  How does a child qualify for therapy sessions?

An assessment is made by the therapist to evaluate the child’s abilities using standardized assessment tools, non-standardized assessment tools, parents interview and clinical observations.
With the family, the therapist will determine eligibility for services. The assessment report will include the recommendation for services, including goals and objectives and amount of therapy time. If a child does not qualify, recommendations may be made for additional assistance, by another professional for example. 

2.  If a child qualifies for therapy, how often will he/she receive sessions?

Therapy sessions can be provided in a variety of ways as determined by the CEMEDIPP’s team. Based on his needs, time may be used to work directly with the child and consult with parents. As an example, one child may require weekly intervention while another child may require sessions once a semester to support his global development.
During treatment, if you have not been attending the sessions then psychomotor therapist will arrange for you to attend a parent consultation meeting. During the meeting feedback will be given regarding progress of your child and identify a plan of care for the forthcoming treatment. At any point you should feel comfortable to raise any concerns or comments you may wish to share with the treating therapist.

3.  How can I prepare my child for his first therapy visit?

At CEMEDIPP, we know that your child may feel anxious about his visit, so we will do everything we can to help him to feel comfortable from the moment he arrives. Our therapy areas are child-friendly spaces filled with toys and games. You might explain to your child what is going to happen, that he will meet a new person who can help him in his challenges. You also can also familiarize him with our centre by showing him the website’s content (pictures, team members…).

4.  Will I be able to talk to the therapist privately without my child being present?

You can let your child’s therapist know before the session begins if you would like to speak privately to her in order for her to plan the session accordingly. You may also wish to discuss options such as scheduling a phone call (+971 4 553 9556), or communicating with the team via email ([email protected]).

5.  Do I need to be present for my child’s therapy session?

A parent or representative must be present at your child’s initial parent consultation and assessment session; this is important so that you can discuss your child’s developmental and medical history, discuss your concerns and give consent for your child to be treated. 
The most important thing you can do for your child is to make sure a parent or a representative wait for the child (in the waiting area) or attends the therapy session (depending on the child’s abilities and goals). If your child is an adolescent or comes in for therapy since a long time, you can discuss with the team if your presence is needed. One of our primary goals is to give your entire family skills and knowledge to help your child gain the greatest benefit from therapy.