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Dyscalculia is a relatively new area of research compared to dyslexia. 

At CEMEDIPP Dubai, the Speech and Language Therapist conducts therapy sessions for children diagnosed with dyscalculia. Dyscalculia is relatively a new area of research compared to dyslexia. At CEMEDIPP, the children presenting this disorder challenge their difficulties while enjoying the games and the fun in the Speech and Language Therapy session.

Dyscalculia does not only mean difficulties in mathematics. It is a specific developmental disorder, related to logical and numerical learning. It occurs in some children who, although having a normal intelligence, cannot understand the sense of numbers. This mainly affects basic digital processes, with significant difficulties in quantity manipulation and calculations.


  • visual memory

  • verbal reasoning (without mathematical concept)

  • poetry, writing

  • vocabulary

  • art, music

Challenges in:

  • estimating a quantity

  • remembering the multiplication tables

  • recognizing unlikely outcomes

  • switching from the numerical system (written numbers) to the verbal system and vice versa (e.g. 34 is read forty-three)

Dyscalculia is not a lack of:

  • Willingness

  • Attention

  • Effort

  • Intelligence

  • Having dyscalculia does not prevent success in life… See Benjamin Franklin, Isaac Newton, Bill Gates !