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Language Disorder

The term ‘Language Disorder’ refers to language difficulties with expressive and/or receptive language skills in children. The language disorder creates obstacles to communication or learning in everyday life.

At CEMEDIPP- Dubai, the speech and language therapist explains that, in a "disorder", the child won't catch up spontaneously; it is different from doing common mistakes that every child does when learning to speak. Language disorder is not a simple DELAY in language acquisition.

A language disorder can take many forms, from the lightest and transient one to the most severe and lasting one. The speech and language assessment conducted at our therapy centre will give a clear picture of the strengths and needs of each child. Then speech and language therapy session will target these strengths & needs to improve the child's language skills.

Signs and symptoms:

  • uses short and simple sentences
  • shows little interest in social interactions
  • seems to « blow off » adult's requests
  • doesn't seem to be listening
  • goes off-topic or monopolizes conversations
  • leaves out key words when talking
  • gives an irrelevant answer

Challenges in:

  • pronouncing words
  • acquiring new vocabulary
  • understanding implicit language


  • Share moments of story reading in calm environment
  • Do not ask the child to repeat his sentences; simply rephrase his words
  • Explain aloud what you see and what you do, stop your activity to take time to listen and communicate