Pr. Sami Richa

Pr. Sami Richa

Clinical Psychiatrist

Pr. Sami Richa is a renowned expert in children's and adolescents' mental health, with over two decades of experience in psychiatric clinical practice and a Ph.D. in Bioethics. He brings profound knowledge and unparalleled expertise to CEMEDIPP Polyclinic. His numerous international publications in Psychiatry and Bioethics attest to his dedication to researching and understanding mental disorders in young individuals.

As a distinguished member of the French National Academy of Medicine, Dr. Richa plays a pivotal role within the multidisciplinary team at CEMEDIPP Polyclinic. He employs his skills to help children and adolescents effectively manage their mental health issues. He pays special attention to alcoholism and autism-related matters, allowing him to provide specialized assistance to patients affected by these conditions. Dr. Richa collaborates closely with other healthcare professionals to offer a comprehensive and personalized approach to each patient.

Pr. Sami Richa's crucial role at CEMEDIPP Polyclinic significantly contributes to assisting children and adolescents in overcoming their mental health challenges and regaining balance in their lives. His extensive years of experience, solid education, and dedication to patient care make him an invaluable asset to the polyclinic and the individuals receiving care there.