Daniele Daher

Daniele Daher

Speech & Language Therapist

Daniele Daher is a Speech and Language Therapist who obtained her Bachelor and her Master’s degree in Speech and Language Therapy from Saint Joseph University, Lebanon.

She is trilingual and is fluent in Arabic, French and English which allowed her to work in different languages and environments. She has 3 years of experience, working in Lebanon in specialized schools and private clinics. She has experience with children and adolescents, presenting non-verbal communication, oral language development, articulation, speech fluency and learning difficulties and disorders, as well as neurodevelopmental disorders and genetic syndromes.

Daniele joined the CEMEDIPP’s team in March 2021. Her job is to conduct speech and language assessment, carry out therapy sessions and offer parental guidance.

Daniele believes that every child can thrive when growing in a harmonious environment with the help he needs. As a speech therapist, her main goal is to help every individual to thrive in the pursuit of his dream.