Janine El Asmar

Janine El Asmar

Psychomotor Therapist

Janine Asmar is a Psychomotor Therapist at CEMEDIPP- Dubai. She graduated as valedictorian obtaining her Bachelor as well as her Master’s degree in Psychomotor Therapy from Saint Joseph University in Lebanon. She is trilingual and is fluent in Arabic, French and English.

She worked in Lebanon in schools and private clinics for 3 years. She also worked at CEMEDIPP-Lebanon before moving to Dubai. She has an experience with infants, children, adolescents, and adults. She has worked with patients presenting learning disorders, developmental delay, neurodevelopmental disorders, genetic syndromes, and mental health disorders.

She became part of CEMEDIPP’s team in September 2020. Her responsibilities include conducting a full Psychomotor assessment and carrying out therapy sessions. She works on cognitive functions such as attention, memory, planning, and problem solving. In addition, she also works on motor capacities, body schema, relaxation, spatial and temporal domain and writing skills.

Janine’s main objective is to assure continuous coordination and harmony between the child’s interests, parent’s needs and school’s demands. In using this communication link, she is able to give the child proper strategies and techniques that will influence his academic performance all while giving support and aid to the family.