Justine Videau

Justine Videau

Psychomotor Therapist

Justine Videau is a Psychomotor Therapist at CEMEDIPP- Dubai. She obtained her Diploma of Psychomotor Therapy in June 2013 from the University Victor Segalen Bordeaux II in France.

Justine worked in the south of France for 4 years. She has an experience with infants, children and adolescents. Her therapeutic intervention includes working with children presenting developmental delay, genetic syndromes, neuropathology, learning disorders, sensory integration difficulties, mental health disorders.

Justine is a part of CEMEDIPP’s team since September 2017. Her responsibilities include carrying out Psychomotor assessment and therapy sessions. She also supports and aids the family with the development of their child’s abilities and offer them strategies for challenges.

What is really important for Justine in her approach as a psychomotor therapist is to support children to be confident in their abilities. Justine is not only at CEMEDIPP to “teach techniques” to a child or “re-educate, orient and direct” him. She works closely with the family to support them and the child in his daily activities. She believes in mutual cooperation between the centre and the family in order to help the child find his own strategies to overcome his challenges.