Dr. Rekha Barthélémy

Dr. Rekha Barthélémy

Neuropsychologist, PhD | Clinic Manager | Medical Director

Dr Rekha Barthelemy our Neuropsychologist has achieved 3 years of undergraduate studies in Neuropsychology at University of Bordeaux - France, Rekha decided to study abroad in the well-known University of California - Santa Barbara (UCSB) in the USA, where she obtained her bachelor degree in Psychology with specialization in Neurosciences . She then went back to France to complete a Master’s degree in Neuropsychology, specialized in Peri Surgical Evaluation and Cognitive Rehabilitation. In 2018, she obtained her PhD Degree in Neuropsychology at University of Lille (France), after 4 years of research on Response Bias in cognitive assessment at SCA Lab.

During the last 8 years, she has gradually gained clinical experience in both neuropsychological assessment and patient - family’s psychological support. Her expertise in cognitive functioning has also led her to acquire academic experience by teaching various classes, including Developmental Psychology and Learning and Intelligence Neuropsychology, at university level.

Rekha's main missions in the CEMEDIPP team are to evaluate and rehabilitate the patient's neuropsychological functioning, while coordinate his other therapy needs.

Rekha is extremely passionate about clinical neuropsychology and has a core belief in patients' holistic and interdisciplinary care. Therefore she values the parents and school role in the child's improvement and well-being and gives absolute priority to collaborate with both.